Timeframe: Jan 1 - Dec 31, 2014

Includes: Only Masters Scores (Standards and Jumpers with Weaves - Combined)

Scale of Points:

Score of 100= 10 pts

Plus: 1 extra point for each full second under Standard Course Time (SCT)

Rank Picture Registered Name Owner Gender Points
ABTC PTS (Comb) STD Pts JWW Pts # of Qs # of 2Qs
1   MACH Jamaica Party All The Time TD MXS MJS XF T2B Barb Van Eseltine D 3073 1872 1201 103 30
2   CH MACH4 Mighty Supernova Of Earlymoon UD GN GO RE MXC MJC MXF TQX T2B CA Dawn Andrews/Dawn Wilcox D 3069 1747 1322 119 48
3   MACH3 Klaar Ignite The Ice MXC MJC MFB TQX T2B3 Vicky Sullivan D 2509 1431 1078 82 29
4   NAC OTCH MACH5 Chiron Incyta More Smarts UDX4 OM7 MXS2 MJS2 MFB TQX T2B Julie Hill B 2505 1515 990 77 28
5   Whynotta Twice The Fashionista BN RN MX MXJ CGC Mary Penn-Soranno B 2127 1151 976 93 28
6   CH MACH2 Blackwater's Final Fling MXG MJG Karen Erzen/Dr Linda Fung D 1986 1267 719 100 42
7   CH MACH2 Incyta Split The Nite VCD2 UD VER RAE MXG MJC MFS TQX Marcia Halliday B 1529 756 773 54 15
8   MACH Jamaica Stelvio CDX RE MXS MJG OF T2B2 Ann & Alan Miller B 1490 600 890 57 15
9   CH MACH Flashfire Snowflower Jax Rwyld CDX RN MXC MJG OF T2B John Zappe B 1487 895 592 51 7
10   MACH Whynotta's Razzle Dazzle CDX MXG MJG Joan and Paul Tkacz d 1368 764 604 49 12

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