American Belgian Tervuren Club

National Specialty Agility High Combined

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 Year Division  Registered Name  Owner
2002 Regular Sensation’s Lambeau Leap CDX TD HT MX MXJ Sue Fregien & Jim Johnston
2003 Regular CH MACH Sensation’s Lambeau Leap CDX TD HT Sue Fregien & Jim Johnston
2004 Regular Not offered  
2005 Regular Darboshea’s Federation Blue CD Kim Gauchat & John Pavlichko
2006 Regular CH MACH Nomatemba De Nordost Noir CD PT NSP  Colleen Cody
  Preferred CH MACH LaBarges Strate T'Quila Nite CDX RN HT MX AXJ JoAnna Rizzo & Shirley LaBarge
2007 Regular  CH MACH4 Sensation's Lambeau Leap CDX RE TDX HIAd HSAds  Sue Fregien
  Preferred  CH MACH La Barge's Quite Like Katie  Roger La Barge
 2008 Regular  CH MACH6 Sensation's Lambeau Leap UDTX RE HIAds XF Sue Fregien & Jim Johnston
  Preferred CH Woodlawn's Kartouche CD RAE AX AXJ HT Maria Oehler
2009 Regular MACH3 Winjammers Heads We Win UD XF Carl & Jan Lentz
  Preferred CH MACH2 Nomatemba de Nordost Noir CD RN HSAs Colleen Cody
2010 Regular MACH Montage Works Like a Charm XF Randy Pearson
  Preferred CH MACH Irish Toujours Jeune OAP NJP Kelly Keele
2011 Regular MACH2 Montage Works Like A Charm MXF Rusty Pearson
  Preferred CH MACH Toujours Jeune Leola Lori Keele
2012 Regular MACH Chiron Incyta More Smarts CD MSF T2B Julie Hill
  Preferred GCH CH MACH Just Say No Tourjours Jeune VCD2 UD RE XF AXP AJP Debbie Deuth
2013 Regular CH Sensation’s From the Heart CD RE TD HSAs MX MXJ MXF Jim Johnston & Sue Fregien
  Preferred OTCH Snowflower Play It Pizzicato UDX3 OM5 RN MX MXJ L. Shea & C Helgesen
2014 Regular CH MACH Chiron Incyta All That 'N More TD CD Julie Symons
  Preferred Not  Awarded  
2015 Regular CH MACH Chiron Incyta All That 'N More TD CD Julie Symons
  Preferred CH MACH2 Nicha Cos D'Estoumel PT Ros Arienti
2016 Regular CH MACH Zerimar's Envy Me MXB MJB T2B3 PT Jeanne Ramirez
  Preferred MACH Jamaica Curry's In a Hurry CDX BN XF T2B Carl Lentz
2017 Regular MACH Sensation's Brewer Hall of Famer CD RE TD HSAd MXB MJB MXF T2B2 CA Sue Fregien
  Preferred CH Timberwind's Storm in The Sky Jeanne King