American Belgian Tervuren Club

... have earned both their conformation Champion of Record and Championship in their group event -- Herding.

  • This recognition started in 2001, but is retroactive to the start of the AKC's herding titles.

  • Please contact Ann Lindstrom with any corrections, questions or comments.
CH Rank Date of Title Picture Registered Name Owner Gender State
DC   1993   Theriot’s Red Baron HX UDT OA Mary Alice Theriot    
DC   1997   HR Timberline Charswirl’s Ace HX CDX Sharol & Sean Hathaway    
DC   1997   Labarge's Market Share D'Coeur HX Cathy Modica    
DC   1998   Meije HX Judy Vanderford    
DC   1999   Ques-Que-Ce Morning Song HX UDX TD Tamara Lewis    
DC   1999   HR Sierra Far Horizons HX CD Sharol & Sean Hathaway    
DC   2000   Starbright Indiana Glory HX CD TD Mary Lou Hayden    
DC   2001   Theriot’s the Omen HX UD OA NAJ Mary Alice Theriot    
DC   2003   Ques-Que-Ce Sparrowhawk HXAs UDX VCD2 AX Tamera Lewis    
DC   2003   HR Valley of the Gods HXAds HSBd CD Sharol & Sean Hathaway    
DC   2004   Crestar's Litany, HXAs HXBs HIAd HIBd EveLynn McGuinness    
DC   2004   HR Masai Mara Princess HXAs HIAd Sharol & Sean Hathaway    
DC   2005   Snowflower Whisol Soraya HXAs AX NAJ CDX Timothy & Misty Polasik    
DC   2005   Theriot's Texas Renegade HXAds AX UDX VCD2 Mary Alice Theriot    
DC   2005   Ques-Que-Ce Sparrowhawk HXAs UDXVCD2 AX Tamera Lewis    
DC   2006    O-Tahn-Agon Cinema Dash Away UD TDX HXAs HSAd RN Karen & Tom Sheppard    
DC    2007   Sanroyale's Classical Renaissance CD RE MX MXJ XF HXAds  Tom & Virginia Street    
TC    2008   Sanroyale's Classical Elegance CD MX MXJ OF HXAds  Tom & Virginia Street    
DC     2008   Whynotta True Rhythm VCD2 CDX RE TD OA OAJ HXAsd HXBd   Kim Cassida & J Paling    
DC   2008   Chateau Blancs Gold Reserve CD RN HSAs HSAd Darlene Laurin    
DC    2009   Jamaica Wannakrakr CDX RN TD HSAd HXCs  Angela Genovese    
DC   2010   Bel Canto Firebird d'Ember HXCs HXAs HSBs  Evelynn McGuinness    
DC   2010   HR Magical Dragon's Wizard CD RE TD HXAs HSAd Claire Lynn Earhart    
DC   2011   Skylark's Merlot UD HXAds HSBd NAJ NF Dan & Kristi DeLegge    
TC   2011   Chimeric Bring Back the Magic HSAds HIAds HXAds HSBd NJP NF Colleen Cody    
DC   2012   GCH DC Bel Canto Ring of Fire DEmber HSAds HXCs Evelynn McGuinness    
DC   2013   GCH DC Kanon Power Shot D'Coeur RN TDX HSAs HSBs HIAs HXAds CGC Paula Harcos & Kermit Harcos    
DC   2013   LaBarge N Epics Some Girls Do HXAs HXAMd HXAMd HSBs JoAnna Rizzo & Shirley LaBarge    
DC   2014   GCH DC Waldenmark's Here's Lookin' at Ewe HSAds HIAds HXAds CGC Ingrid Friedenson    
TC   2014   Bilgay's Qwik Draw CD RN HSAdsc HIAds HXAds MXB MJB MXF      
DC   2014   De La Corps Parle Franciais HSAs HISds HIBd HXAds