American Belgian Tervuren Club

  1. I recognize that genetic disease is a longstanding fact in the Belgian Tervuren breed. Only through open, honest communication and sharing of accurate information can I, as a breeder and guardian of my breed, help to improve overall genetic health and significantly reduce the incidence of genetic disease in the breed I love.
  2. I support the open disclosure of all health issues that affect the Belgian Tervuren, utilizing publicly accessible canine health registries in the country of my residence whenever possible.
  3. I openly and publicly disclose all information in my possession about health issues that have been produced by my dogs and by dogs from my breeding, and also those health issues where a significant risk factor may exist.
  4. If I receive information about a new genetic condition in connection with my dogs or my breeding, I work to the best of my ability to notify the purchasers/owners of dogs that are related to the dog with the new condition.
  5. I support and assist other breeders in their disclosure efforts.
  6. I do not speak ill of any breeder or breeding program that has produced an affected Belgian Tervuren.
  7. I compassionately support and assist owners of affected dogs in gathering information on the genetic diseases that have stricken their dogs.
  8. I support research studies for genetic diseases in Belgian Tervuren, submitting biological samples from dogs in my kennel or of my breeding when they are available and applicable for the study. I encourage others to do the same.
  9. I have my dogs screened for genetic diseases by veterinarians with the proper certification, as recommended on the American Belgian Tervuren Club’s website. I support the recording of test results in open registries, and as they become available to me I post the results. As new genetic tests for Belgian Tervuren become available, I submit my breeding stock for those tests.

The Breeder Pledge was adapted with permission from “10-Steps to a Healthier Australian Shepherd Breed”.  10 Steps is a program of the Australian Shepherd Health and Genetics Institute (ASHGI).  Please visit the ASHGI website for more information.