American Belgian Tervuren Club

Listing Requirements

In order to list a litter on the ABTC Breeder Listing website, the following requirements must be met:

Membership Requirements

The person placing the listing must be a regular ABTC member in good standing.   ABTC members have signed the ABTC Code of Ethics.  No information will be listed on the website for associate ABTC members and non ABTC members.

Litter Ownership

  • The person placing the listing must be the owner or co-owner of the dam.
  • If the dam was leased for the litter, a copy of the AKC litter information page must be submitted to verify litter ownership.

Frequency and Duration of Listings

  1. An owner/co-owner may list no more than 2 litters per year on the website.  The ABTC club membership year of July 1 through June 30 will be used to define the year.
  2. A litter may be listed at the time of the breeding.  Note: If a litter is listed at the time of the breeding, the expected due date of the litter will be required. Further, the member will be asked to contact the litter listing administrator when the litter is born to provide the actual date of birth, the number of male and female puppies in the litter and the number of each that is available. 
  3. Listings will be automatically removed four months after the listed birth date or by the request of the litter owner.

Health Requirements

  1. The sire and dam must be two years of age or older.  Acceptable proof of age will be a copy of the dog’s registration certificate or a valid OFA number for hips and elbows.
  2. The sire and dam must have OFA numbers for hips and elbows.
  3. The sire and dam must have current CERF numbers.  If not in the OFA or CERF databases, a scan of the certificate must be provided.
  4. OFA thyroid and OFA cardiac certifications are not required, but may be listed.
  5. Dogs over 11 Years
    • Age 10 is the last year a current CERF exam is required for website listing.
    • For dogs older than 11 years, CERF number and date of exam done at age 10 will be used, followed by the statement “Older than 11 years.”
  6. Frozen Semen Litters
    • Litters from sires that are still living will follow the same health clearance requirements specified above.
    • < Litters from sires that are deceased and do not have all of the required health clearances will be listed at the discretion of the Breeders Referral Committee.
    • Prior to the early-mid 1990’s, health screening for elbow dysplasia and hereditary eye disease was not readily available, therefore allowances may be made. 
  7. Litters Produced by Foreign Sires and Dams
    • Litters produced by dogs from Canada will follow the same health clearances specified above.  Canadian dogs may use the OVC as an alternative to OFA.
    • Litters produced by dogs from other countries must have a hip score from their country’s certifying body.  A copy of the clearance or a link to the certifying database must be provided.

Website Listings

Website URLs will not be listed

Required Content for Listing a Litter

  1. Sire and Dam’s name and date of birth
  2. Sire and Dam’s health clearances
    • Hips, elbows, CERF as outlined in the Health Section above
    • < Optional clearances for OFA thyroid or cardiac
  3. Litter expected or actual date of birth
  4. Litter registration number if availability
  5. Number and sex of puppies born (provided when litter is born)
  6. Number and sex of puppies available (provided when litter is born)
  7. Contact information of ABTC member
    • Name of litter owner/co-owner following the ABTC membership guidelines specified above
    • Phone number and/or email
  8. Identification of breeders that have signed the ABTC Breeder Pledge

Governance of the Litter Listing Service

The ABTC Breeder Referral Committee reserves the right to refuse to list any litter, as well as the right to remove a listing for non-compliance or falsification of the Breed Listing Website Listing.  Submittals that fall in a grey area will be referred to the ABTC Board of Directors for decision.