American Belgian Tervuren Club

The ABTC Registry is available online. 

 The capability to create 5-generation pedigrees through an on-line registry database eliminates the need to update and print hardcopy Registry Books. All information in the on-line database is limited to the Belgian Tervuren breed, and any non-Tervuren dog that appears in 5 generation Tervuren pedigree.

Jamie Baker is the contact person responsible for maintaining the Belgian Tervuren on-line registry database. If you have any additions and/or corrections to the database, please send this information to her along with a copy of the supporting documentation (i.e.; official AKC or other AKC sanctioned organization pedigree). All additions and corrections will be reflected in the next periodic update cycle.

DATA RESTRICTIONS due to database space restrictions:

  1. Title information is limited to AKC titles and foreign championships from AKC recognized organizations. 
  2. There will be no distinction between titles with a numerical suffix such as a “1”, “2”, “3”, etc. (For example, a “MACH6” title will be shown simply as a “MACH”.) AKC numerically-suffixed titles affected at this time include: MACH, UDX, OM, RAE, MXP, MJP.
  3. Numerically-suffixed titles, herding titles will also be limited to only the primary title such as “HSA”, and exclude the type of stock used when the title was earned (i.e.; “s” for sheep, “d” for ducks, and “c” for cattle). The XHIC title is used to signify ABTC HIC’s.

The ABTC would like to thank the following individuals for their help in creating this on-line registry. Cheryl Cawley, Sallyann Comstock, Terrie Janssen, Lee Jiles, Derek Pattison, Bob Nash and Eileen Hudak.

Technical Hints:

  • Printing: We have improved the printing of pedigrees online. To print a pedigree go to the bottom of the inline box and click "print this page". If you use the "without links" pedigree the health clearances of the primary dog will be included.
  • If you arrive at what appears to be a blank page, please scroll up to the top of your browser page before starting a new search.  The information will be at the top of the page.
  • A direct link may improve viewing if the registry is obstructed within a very small scrollbar window.  Bookmark  ABTC Registry Direct Link if your browser has this issue.