American Belgian Tervuren Club

Including a Belgian comparison chart

Any deviation from these specifications is a fault. In determining whether a fault is minor, serious, or major, these two factors should be used as a guide:

  • The extent to which it deviates from the standard
  • The extent to which such deviation would actually affect the working ability of the dog

The Belgian Tervuren standard has disqualifications for:   

  • Size (Males under 23 inches or over 26.5 inches or females under 21 inches or over 24.5 inches)
  • Ears (Hanging ears, as a hound)
  • Bite (An undershot bite such that there is a complete loss of contact by all the incisors)
  • Tail (A cropped or stump tail)
  • Color (Solid black, solid liver, or any area of white except as specified on the chest, tips of toes, chin and muzzle)

Please judge positively - We hope that as a judge you are able to recognize outstanding breed type and functionality when it is presented in the ring. 

Certainly a dog with outstanding breed type should always be in strong contention for the winners circle, unless its faults seriously affect the ability of the dog to herd under all conditions, such as serious problems with its gait, bite, coat or temperament. 

While it is of utmost importance that a Belgian Tervuren have the character and structure to enable him to perform his function as a herding dog, it is also of great importance that the dog possess the characteristics that make him unmistakably a Belgian Tervuren. 

If we look realistically at showing and breeding, the perfect dog has probably yet to be born. A judge must learn to be forgiving in the sense that each fault seen be put into perspective, taking the entire dog into consideration and weighing the faults to the virtues of the dog.


Comparing the AKC Standards of the Belgian Breeds

Here is a printable chart comparing the faults and disqualifications for the Belgian Tervuren, Sheepdog, Malinois and Laekenois.

Note that Viciousness whether in the breed standard as a disqualification or not, is to be disqualified in all breeds according to the AKC Rules and Regulations for Dog Shows.