American Belgian Tervuren Club

"Lively and graceful, covering the maximum ground with minimum effort.  Always in motion, seemingly never tiring, he shows ease of movement rather than hard driving action. He single tracks at a fast gait, the legs both front and rear converging toward the center line of gravity of the dog. Viewed from the side he exhibits full extension of both fore and hindquarters. The back line should remain firm and level, parallel to the line of motion." ---From the AKC Belgian Tervuren standard

gait1 Full extension with balance
coming1 going1  Single tracking

Coming and going, the Tervuren should single-track when moved at a fast trot, neither interfering with itself nor traveling on a wide base. In motion the head and neck should be carried forward, smoothly extending into the topline.

The Tervuren gait is light and graceful with full extension but not extreme reach.The movement seems effortless. His natural tendency is to move in a circle, rather than a straight line. As with everything else in the breed, the ideal is perfect balance. The back line should remain firm and level with no excell rolling or choppy motion. The dog should give the impression that it can continue at its natural speed all day, having not only great endurance but also agility. Padding, hackneying, weaving, crabbing and similar movement faults are to be penalized according to the degree with which they interfere with the ability of the dog to work.

Ideal movement for the Tervuren is a light easy movement, both physically and temperamentally. The dog should be easy on the leash rather than being strongly restrained by it. The head should not be strung up by the handler, rather it should be allowed to position itself naturally.

The fluid movement of the Tervuren should demonstrate its capability of making the quick turns needed for its herding tasks. Indeed, Tervuren are often seen both in and out of the ring switching directions abruptly and with great ease!

atombrightw     Adult
nice puppy gait Puppy