American Belgian Tervuren Club

"Full complement of strong white teeth, evenly set, meeting in a scissors or a level bite. Overshot and undershot teeth are a fault. An undershot bite such that there is a complete loss of contact by all the incisors is a disqualification. Broken or discolored teeth should not be penalized. Missing teeth are a fault. Four or more missing teeth are a serious fault." --- From the AKC Belgian Tervuren standard

bite1 6249w

 We ask that judges check the teeth gently from the side, rather than attempting to pry the mouth open. Please, do not pry open the mouth in the manner seen for Doberman Pinschers and Rottweilers.

For generations the Tervuren was bred primarily for function and the bite most desired for the herding dog was a pinching level bite. From this beginning, it is no surprise that the breed has had its share of underbites and wry bites. Breeders today are generally more comfortable using for breeding stock dogs having a scissors bite, although either scissors or level is equally acceptable in the ring. An ideal bite has full dentition of strong white teeth, evenly placed, meeting in either a scissors or level bite. 



scissorsfrontwDeep Scissors Bite

scissorsside2wSide Scissors bite

tightscissorwShallower scissors bite

level1Level Bite

undershotw Loss of contact by all incisors is a disqualification.