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Information and addresses submitted via the "Contact Form" page are used only for replies, and are not disseminated in any way to third parties. Persons contacted may, at their sole discretion, forward the contact message to another member for assistance.

The ABTC assumes no responsibility for websites offered through linkages. Linkages are offered as a courtesy only. Software offered for download is the responsibility of the vendor and user.

The names and address information of ABTC members who volunteer to staff the many various contact features on this web site are only for the purpose of assisting visitors and no party is authorized to collect or disseminate said information.

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Any collection of "Personal Identifying Information,"or placement of "cookies" on a user's harddrive is completely voluntary.  It is only necessary if a user chooses to become a member of this website community.   Membership is not required to browser public areas of this website.  Required membership information is minimal and includes a user name, password and valid email address.  All other information is optional at the discrention of the community member.

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