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To become a Champion Tracker the dog or bitch must have earned the TD, TDX and VST titles.

Date Finished Registered Name Date of Birth D/B Owners Name State
10/4/1998 CH CT StarBright Je Ne Sais Quoi CDX HT 11/10/1991 D Beth A Walker WI
6/25/2000 CT Phenix's Radical Air Twister HIC 4/24/1995 B Vincent Ramirez KS
3/28/2004 CT Gemstones Onyx D'Encore 4/6/1996 D Ruth Harris OK
10/31/2004 CH CT Summerstorm Heart's Desire AX AXJ 4/10/1999 D Jeff Whitsitt TN
4/3/2005 CH CT O-Tahn-Agon Cinema Duet HT 8/3/2000 D Beth A. Walker WI
4/3/2005 CH CT Symon’s Treasure Izzi VCD2 UD PT CGC 8/26/1994 B Richard & Susan Symons CA
9/17/2006 CH CT Corsair's Vogue de Zerimar OA OAJ 6/20/1997 B Vincent Ramirez KS
6/21/2008 CT Classic 'N Coda's Flashdance UDTX HSAs 7/15/1996 B Pearl Palermo RI
10/26/2008 CH CT Sky Acres Wildrose of Tuebor UD PT 4/18/1999 B Carla Wolters IL
7/5/2009 CH CT OTCH StarBright Pathfinder Gibbs VCD3 UDX3 RN VER 11/23/2001 D Maureen Foley & John Blankley


8/2/2009 CH CT Summerstorm Coyote Dancing CDX HSAs RAE MXJ AX OJP NAP NFP 4/10/1999 B Deb Eldredge NY
10/4/2009 CT Ambition's Almond Joy Qui Rit RE TDX MX AXJ NF 5/1/1998 D Sarah Helber TX
10/11/2009 CH CT OTCH Zerimar's Amazing Grace UDX2, RE, OA, OAJ 8/18/1998; B Vincent & Jeanne Ramirez  KS
3/21/2010 CH CT OTCH Klaar Odina du Tourbillon UDX2 MX AXJ RA 10/28/1997 B Anita Aborn CA
6/21/2010 CT Can. Montage Surfs Up CDX NA NAJ PT 8/28/1999 B Maura Hogan NY
10/31/2010 CT Cousin's Leonardo CD  2/17/2004 D Sari Uushiemo  
11/14/2010 CT CH Cinema Angel Marjii Symons UD, TDX, NA, NAJ, HT  6/12/2007 B Dick and Sue Symons CA
11/21/2010 CT Coda N Classic Tell Afortune  12/9/2003 B Carol Ruthenberg  
12/12/2010 CT Sensation's Coyote Heart Dance CDX HSAsd AX AXJ XF RAE  5/30/2004 D Deb Eldredge NY


CT CH MACH Jamaica Lasting Impression VCD3 XF RE



Kyla Smay



CT GCH Reveille of Anduin 



Beth Walker



CT CH Zerimar's Tropical Storm Danya



Vincent & Jeanne Ramirez



CH CT Zerimar's Been There Won That VCD1, UD, RA 



Vincent & Jeanne Ramirez



CT Jamaica Treasured Gem


Dave Geil


CH CT Skylark PathFinder Sunstone UDX3 OM4 GN VER RE VST HT

08/01/2006 D Maureen Foley MI
2014 CT Sky Acres Wild Catalina Rose 07/26/2009 B Carla Wolter IL
01/05/2014 CH CT Jamaica The Painted Pirate VCD2 UD RN VER NA NAJ 11/08/2004 D Gloria Napper-Owen NW
2014 CH CT Symons' Treasure Jessi VCD3 XF CA THD 08/05/2010 B Dick & Sue Symons CA
2014 CT Woodlawn Ravvivando 08/05/2010 D    
2015 GCH CT Chateau Blanc Overture   B    

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