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  • Timeframe: January 1 - December 31, 2010
  • Includes: AKC Events Only
Rank Picture Registered Name Owner Gender Points
HC Eclatdetoile's Aurora Co Br HIAd HXAs J Nadelson D or B 170        
2   DC Whynotta True Rhythm VCD2 UD RE AX AXJ  K Cassida, J Paling    112        
3   Cinema Notorious HSAs  M Capparelli-Lally, J Vanderford, R Lally    107        
4   CH HR Skye's Celestial Spirit CD HSAds OA OAJ NF T Burnidge, A Burnidge    103         
5   StarBright Xanadu UD TD HXAs NAJ K Sheppard, M Capparelli-Lally   101        
6   CH Woodlawn's Kartouche CDX GN RAE HSAs AX AXJ AXP AJP XF XFP M Oehler   96        
7   Bel Canto Lucia Di Takishan HSAs E McGuinness, L Goldstrom, B Freedman   71        
8   Oneida's Serendipity of Anduin HSAs NA NAJ S Davis, B Davis   67        
9   CH OTCH MACH Incyta Way Ahead VCD2 UDX OM2 RE XF B Wirkowski   62        
10   Chimeric Golden Ratio TD HSAds S White   61        

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