American Belgian Tervuren Club

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  • Timeframe: January 1 - December 31, 2011
  • Includes: AKC Events Only
Rank Picture Registered Name Owner Gender Points
1 TC Chimeric Bring Back The Magic HXAs HSAd NJP NF C Cody 131
2 DC Skylark's Merlot UD HXAds NAJ NF D Delegge, K Delegge 79
3 Bilgay's Koma Rock Matsi CD RA PT OA NAJ NF D Millard 78
4 Labarge's True Texas Outlaw HSAs HSBs E Outlaw, S Labarge 67
5 HR Kilimanjaro HXAs HIAd R Worringer, S Rowell 63
6 CH Labarge N Epic Some Girls Do HXAds HXBd J Rizzo, S Labarge 61
7 HC MACH Sensation's Hearts On Fire CDX RE TDX HXAds HXBd MXF S Fregien, J Johnston 56
8 De La Corps Parle Francais HXAs N Pugh, G Engler 55
9 DC Bel Canto Ring Of Fire d'Ember E McGuinness 51
10 Bilgay's Steppin Out Pangari PT NF A Viner, G Cooper 49