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Rank Picture Registered Name Owner Gender Points
1 CH Starbright Casino Royale VCD2 GN RN MX MXJ XF Dianne Allen 192 
2 OTCH Coda N Classic Tell Me Quick UDX OM3 VER TD Susan Nemedi D 109
3 CH OTCH Prairie's Smoking Gun UDX2 OM3 P J Laursen/Shirley LaBarge D 101
4 Sprite's Eureka UD OM1 TD Denise Fenzi B 63
5 CH OTCH Starbright Pandemonium UDX6 OM2 VER RE MX MXJ XF Dianne Allen D 45
6 CH Animations Eva Knievel UD MX MXJ OF Rebecca Allen/Paul Mack B 44
7 Klaar Perfect Elfin Enchantrix UDX2 OM3 RE

Arthur Bell/Demott Young

B 41
8 CH OTCH Jamaica Object of the Game UDX6 OM2 RN HSAd HSBd HIAd HXAd Susan Harris D 34
9 Prairie Labarge Devil N Charge CD AX AXJ Robin Comp-Zelles/Shirley LaBarge D 25
10 CH OTCH Brenmar's Freedom Fighter VCD1 UDX4 OM1 OAJ Larry Jenkins D 19

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