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Registered Name

1   CH/OTCH Laterre Da Ciel Tyler E UDX TD L Jenkins & A Michaels   203
2 jamaica_the_lone_ranger.jpg CH/OTCH Jamaica The Lone Ranger UDX TD NA S Haris
3 zerimars_amazing_grace.jpg CH Zerimar's Amazing Grace CD NA NAJ J Durbian-Ramirez   91
4   CH/OTCH Starbright Inverness Glory UDX TDX HT C. Smith   51
5   CH/OTCH Starbright Lasting Glory UD TD PT D & S Schultz   40
6  tuvok_jumping_1-lemmer.jpg CH Toplines Souvenir Display CD L Lemmer   38
OTCH Jamaica Hot Pursuit UDX TD C Maupin   33
8   CH/OTCH Tacara's Santer Sadeacon UDX D. Delehanty   23
9   CH Easy Rider of Anduin CDX HT
E Olson   22
10 jamaica_the_painted_parrot.jpg CH Jamaica The Painted Parrot VDC2 HS AX AXJ H Hittesdorf   22

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