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Rank Picture
Registered Name

1 ariels_escape_through_time.jpg OTCH Ariel's Escape Through Time VCD2 UD AX AXJ
M Wichmann   165
2 _epris_rock_my_world.jpg Epris Rock My World UDX4 B Noble   137
3 summerstorm_higher_ground.jpg CH OTCH Summerstorm Higher Ground CDX TDX PT D Schultz & S Schultz   125
3 gianarth.jpg CH Justnimpression Toujoursjeune VCD2 UDX AX AXJ P Biggins   125
5   CH Greenbriar My Heart Will Go On CD TD C Simonsen   119
6 pathfinder_starbright_gibbs.jpg CH Pathfinder Starbright Gibbs UDT AX OAJ M Foley   115
7 zerimars_amazing_grace.jpg CH Zerimar's Amazing Grace UD OA OAJ J Durbian Ramirez   103
8   CH Chateau Blanc's Epice Rouge UDX2 A Guglielmo   102
9   OTCH Starbright Paybacks Are Hell C Smith   95
10   Bilgay's Hot Prophet CDX K Tome   93

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