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Health Education Website 


AKC Canine Health Foundation National independent foundation established in 1995 for the purpose of advancing canine health. The ABTC maintains a donor-advised fund within the CHF for funding of the epilepsy study and future projects. Donations qualify for income tax deduction.
American Animal Hospital Association
American Veterinary Medical Association
Canine Health InformationCenter General and breed specific information.
NetVet Interesting site full of resources from Washington University's Division of Comparative Medicine
Orthopedic Foundation for Animals Voluntary registry for hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, patellar luxation, thyroid disease, heart disease, and several other genetic disorders. OFA registrations can be downloaded from this site.
VetMedCenter Impressive and professional site for veterinarians and the public.
Canine Diversity Project Genetics and Reproduction site: follow the genetics link at the top of the page for an excellent overview of genetics and breeding
Cyber-Pet, An Introduction to Genetics Genetics and Reproduction sites
Canine Epilepsy Net (U of MO) Epilepsy/seizure information
Canine Eye Registration Foundation Ophthalmology (eye disorders) site: Information about CERF and its procedures, as well as the Veterinary Medical Database
Ehrlichiosis: Silent and Deadly Killer Infectious Organisms: Good information about this insidious, under-diagnosed, infectious disease.

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