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So, you are interested in a Belgian Tervuren puppy. The American Belgian Tervuren Club can help provide information regarding upcoming litters. There are two articles the American Belgian Tervuren Club recommends you read prior to submitting a request.

You can access them from the links below.  Use your browser's back button to return to this page.

What is a tervuren?
Is a tervuren for you?

You may also like to review the Code of Ethics and return back to this page using your bowser's back button. 


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To start the process of looking for the right puppy to bring into your family, send an email to puppyinfo@abtc.org. Let us know what state you live in so that we can start with breeders surrounding you? We can always expand your search from there, but it is generally a good place to start.

Any additional information about what you are looking for in a dog and/or what sort of activities you might be involved with can be very helpful.  Whatever you care to share helps match up the right puppies to their person.

The following breeders are members of the ABTC and have litters available now:

Dana Mackonis
cachetnoir@yahoo.com  (email preferred)

Litter born 12/29/2018  5 males, 2 females

Sire: "Es-Pen" 06NJW, Am GCH, N CH Hovne Es-Pen av Revehiet
OFA: BT-5615G75M, BT-EL28 44M75, BT-EYE379/123M, BT-TH883/126M
AKC# DN311043/01
DOB: 08/25/2005

Dam:  "Sofi"   CH Paola D'AquiveltHT CA CGC TKN RATS JHD-s HTAD I-t HRD I-s RLF 1-t
OFA: BT-6513G25F, BT-EL3685F25, BT EYE891/29F, BT-PA78/25F/P
AKC# DN471316/01
DOB: 10/04/2015


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