Susan Harris
Chair, Obedience Records

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Miscellaneous Information:

Susan first became involved in obedience in the late 80s. She had a dog that would not come when she was called. The local college was offering an obedience class. Susan thought is would be fun, would help with her problem and might be a way to meet some new folks. How right she was! Now Susan is hooked and spends most of her free time either training or pretending to. Susan has competed at all levels of obedience, has been an owner of a dog training school, taught private lessons, has been the facilitator of many different seminars, had held various positions with the local obedience club, was the (short lived) president of the Illini, the parent to all the Gaines Regionals and was the chair of the 1998 Eastern Gaines Regional. Susan hopes that the ABTC membership will use this committee as a resource to help them succeed at obedience at whatever level they want to be involved. It is a great sport and one that Tervuren are particularly well adapted for. The Committee is here to help and welcomes any input, questions, etc. from you to make this committee a resource that will work for you.