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Please contact Nancy Burka with any corrections, questions or comments regarding area clubs.

If you would like help regarding finding a Tervuren please contact Becky Hansen.

General correspondence from ABTC Members and the public should be sent to the Public Relations and Membership Secretary

Members also may contact officers, directors, and committee chairs using their current Roster.

The website committee is constituted of a Website Coordinator, editors, technical support, and dozens of contributors.  The duties of the Website Committee are:

  •  Website Coordinator - general management and operating direction of content.
  •  Editors - help with content creation and maintenance of the website.
  •  Technician - technical issues and website feature updates.
  •  Web Committee ABTC Board representative - Liaison to ABTC Board.

Contact a committee member or mentor near your show of interest to request individual ringside mentoring at a specialty show.

The ABTC created the Health Education Committee in 1995 to oversee matters relating to the health of our dogs.

Our Mission:

  • To promote healthe issues within the Amerian Belgian Tervuren Club
  • To review articles of health relevance for publication in TNT
  • To make recommendations for funding of health-related research, and to monitor the progress of studies funded by the ABTC
  • To educate the membership regarding health issues, review and report on veterinary medical literature of interest.