American Belgian Tervuren Club

The club was formed in 1960 shortly after the AKC gave the Belgian Tervuren separate breed status from the Belgian Sheepdog. There were just 12 charter members.

 Since that modest beginning, the club has grown to a membership of over 1,000 persons.  Its name is the American Belgian Tervuren Club, Inc. (ABTC), and it has been granted formal recognition by the AKC as the parent club of the breed. 

Today the breed is still relatively rare in the United States, but it is well-established. Tervuren may be found in the rings of many all-breed conformation shows, as well as obedience, tracking, agility and herding trials. Area clubs sponsor regional specialty shows, and the ABTC sponsors an annual national specialty show, which typically draws hundreds of entrants.

At the heart of these events, and behind the success of the Tervuren, are the breed fanciers. These dedicated folk own show dogs, obedience dogs, family dogs, and working dogs (sometimes these are combined in a single dog). They love the breed for its beauty, its versatility, and its excellence in all the areas of dog show competition.

This rare combination of virtues is the inspiration for the ABTC's motto: A well-balanced Tervuren has a CH (Championship) on one end and a UDT (Utility Dog Tracker) on the other.

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